Welcome to the Domaine de Saint-Palais

Organize your events

For private functions (such as for business meetings), two modular, customizable rooms are available for rent all year round.

In the cellars of the former Shelter, two spaces were laid out to accommodate up to 200 people (seated). Customizable design as decoration, they are suitable for all types of meetings: private family (but professional too).

Le Domaine de Saint Palais also offers to its guests the exclusive benefit of the entire domain, for greater peace of mind: you book a room? The entire area is yours

Parking, office catering, bars, indoor and outdoor tables and chairs… A list of quality providers (flowers, decoration, catering, babysitter) can be made available upon request.
The Domaine de Saint Palais has also, for private meetings, a nursery for childcare. This space, safe and cozy, is equipped with TV, games etc. That will free parents for a moment !